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BY-LAWS 2018



Section 1. Name

The organization shall be known as Lyman Youth Football Association, Inc. (referred to as LYFA, Inc.) and granted under chapter status by Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Mid-Florida Pop Warner.

Section 2. Principal Office/Geographical Area

The principal office of the corporation in the State of Florida shall be located in Seminole County, in Longwood, Florida.  The jurisdiction of LYFA, Inc. shall be approved by “Lyman Youth Football Association, Inc.” Board of Directors and “Mid-Florida Pop Warner” Board of Directors.

Section 3. Definitions

A. The Greyhounds- The name of the corporation is Lyman Youth Football Association, Inc., hereafter referred to as “The Greyhounds“.

B. Association – Lyman Youth Football Association, Inc..

C. Bylaws – Refer to the amended and restated bylaws of Lyman Youth Football Association, Inc. as they may be amended from time to time.

D. Membership – The membership of LYFA, Inc. shall consist of parents of players and/or cheerleaders, coaches, assistants and persons who are involved in the daily activities of LYFA, Inc..

E. Voting Members- with paid registration a parent/guardian, board memeber or volunteer has the right to vote in annual elections.  One voting card per family will be provided to the active member for participation in election.

F. Mid-Florida Pop Warner- charter of national Pop Warner organization.

G. Divisions – Teams/Squads grouped as defined by Pop Warner organization in their national handbook.

H. The Executive Council – The Executive Council of LYFA, Inc. as selected annually by the voting membership of the Greyhounds.

I. Participants – Any registered child that participates in pop Warner events.

J. The Board of Directors – The voting membership of the LYFA, Inc. board consisting of the elected Executive Council and the appointed extended board members as identified in Article V section 2.


The objective of LYFA, Inc. is to provide youths with an opportunity to play football and participate in cheerleading in a good moral/ethical environment, supervised and organized with an emphasis on scholastics and physical fitness throughout our geographical area.


Section 1.  The basic purposes are to:

A.  Familiarize participants with the fundamentals of football/cheerleading.

B.  Provide the opportunity to play in an organized and supervised environment where the emphasis is on team participation and maximum safety.

C.  Keep the game free of adult and parental pressures to win at any cost.

D.  Identify and bar from further participation any adult volunteer whose actions conflict with goals A, B and C above.

E. Encourage student athletes to continue to participate in football and cheerleading once they reach the High School level.


Section 1.  The membership of LYFA, Inc. shall consist of parents of participants, coaches, assistants, board members and persons who are involved in the daily activities of LYFA, Inc..

Section 2.   Membership in this association will consist only of active members.

Section 3.  An active member shall be family or single parent or guardian with a child in the program or volunteer with a sincere desire to help where their talents may lend for the betterment of the youth regardless of race, creed, national origin or sex.

Section 4.  A member in good standing with paid registration or volunteer shall become a voting active member and vote in elections.  A voting card will be provided to the active member for participation in election.

Section 5.  Any member may be censured, suspended, or expelled from the Association as evidenced by 2/3 vote of the full Executive Council.

Section 6.  All complaints against a member must be submitted in writing to the Executive Council.

Section 7.  The Executive Council will review and make the decisions concerning complaints against a member submitted in writing.

Section 8.  The Executive Council will follow the Hearings and Appeals section of the Pop Warner Administration Manual and Mid-Florida Pop Warner policies and procedures.

Section 9.  Any member whose membership in the association has been terminated for any reason whatsoever shall forfeit all rights to use of the association name, emblem, and insignia and participation in any association function.

Section 10.  A vote of 2/3 of this entire Executive Council shall be required to reinstate any member who has been expelled or suspended pursuant to the provisions of this section.


Section 1.  The Executive Council shall govern the affairs of the association and all voting membership.

Section 2.  The Executive Council shall be elected by the voting membership as: Commissioner, President, Secretary, Scholastics Director, Treasurer, Cheer Coordinator and Football Coordinator.  In the event a vote ends in a tie, the Commissioner will then become the tie breaker.  The Executive Council shall appoint, Sponsorship Director, Concession Director, Equipment Director, Safety Director, Merchandise Director, Marketing Director, Community Director and Volunteer Coordinator, who shall have voting rights as the Board of Directors.

Section 3.  A majority of the officers on the Executive Council shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 4.  Vacancies caused by resignation, removal or death of an elected Officer during the year, the Executive Council shall vote on (2/3 vote) and appoint a replacement to fill the unexpired term.

Section 5.  The Executive Council shall act on, as needed, all business presented to them by Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. and Mid-Florida Pop Warner.  The Executive Council shall present in writing all information necessary for association function to the association members.

Section 6.  The Executive Council shall help formulate and approve the association budget for the current and up-coming season.

Section 7.  The Executive Council shall execute the By-Laws and rules in a professional and business-like manner in the operation of LYFA, Inc..

Section 8.  The Executive Council shall provide a safe environment for all members of LYFA, Inc., including football players, cheerleaders, coaches, and parents.  Any member of the Executive Council has the authority to stop any act that is interpreted as unsafe to its members.

Section 9.  The Executive Council should attempt to be present at all association functions including, but not limited to, registration, equipment issuance, and physical day.  They should also be present at the majority of games.

Section 10.  There will not be any proxy voting.

ARTICLE VI.  OFFICERS (click on link for list of positions & descriptions)


Section 1. An election of Executive Council shall be held at the final home game of the season.

Section 2. All Executive Council members are elected to serve a two (2) year term commencing January 1st of the following year.

Section 3. Terms of elected board members shall be staggered. The term of Executive Council positions of Commissioner, Secretary and Scholastics Director shall terminate at the end of seasons with odd numbered calendar years (2009, 2011, etc.). The term of Executive Council positions of President, Treasurer and Cheer Coordinator shall terminate at the end of seasons with even numbered calendar years (2008, 2010, etc.).  The transition to newly elected board members shall be timed so as to provide an orderly transfer of relevant information.

Section 5.  Members of the Executive Council may hold office for consecutive terms.

Section 4. One member from each family who has voting rights and is in good standing may nominate themselves or another good standing active member for an Executive Council Position during open election periods.

Section 6.  The Nominating Committee shall advise the active membership that nominations are being solicited for the Executive Council thirty (30) days prior to the election.  Applications must be submitted fifteen (15) days prior to the election by email to the president in odd numbered calendar years or to the commissioner in even numbered calendar years. All submitted emails will be forwarded to the Executive Council for review.

Section 7.  The Executive Council shall obtain consent to serve from the nominee prior to their name being placed on the ballot.

Section 8.  The Executive Council shall follow the following guidelines in determining eligibility of applicant as approved candidate:

Is applicant a member in good standing with the organization for at least two (2) years for commissioner and president positions or at least one (1) year for all other positions?

For treasurer position, does applicant have financial experience?

Section 9.  The Membership will elect the Executive Council based on the approved candidates submitted from the Executive Council.

Section 10.  Approved nominees are not allowed to actively campaign.  They are to submit a 500 word or less bio which will be emailed to all members and placed on the Lyman Pop Warner Website

Section 11.  Final tabulation of votes is to be completed by the cheer coordinator, the football coordinator and the secretary in even numbered election years or the treasurer in odd election years.


Section 1.  The Board shall meet once per month subject to change based on the association’s business needs.

Section 2.  Board meetings shall be open to all active members.

Section 3.  The Executive Council may schedule Special Board meetings to discuss such topics as: disciplinary, legal actions and such other matters as the Executive Council deems necessary, which shall be closed to active members.

Section 4. Members will be notified of meetings via the Web Site or by hand outs from team moms at practices and /or games.

Section 5.  Any Board member who has three (3) unexcused absences from meetings in less than six (6) months may be asked to resign.

Section 6.  Meetings will be held at a time and place designed by the Executive Council by majority vote.

Section 7.  Excluding coaches who are also Board Members, at least one representative from the coaching staff from each cheer and football team should be present at each regular meeting during the season.


Section 1.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the procedures of all meetings of this Association.

Section 2. The regular order of business for all meetings shall be as follows:

Call to order

Approval of minutes

Commissioner Report

Association Business

Treasurer Report

Cheer Coordinator Report

Football Coordinator Report

Report from committee

Unfinished business

New business




Section 1.  All Head Coaches shall be nominated.

Section 2.  The Coaches selection committee consisting of the Commissioner, Football Coordinator, Scholastic Director and High School Representative will submit the head coach nominations based on the review of their application and interview screening process to the Executive Council in a closed meeting for approval.

Section 3.  The selection will be based on the candidate’s demonstrated ability to coach and their commitment to abide by the Coaches Code of Conduct as stated in the current edition of the National Pop Warner Official Rules.

Section 4.  Head Coaches shall be allowed to recommend their own Coaching staff, however the final selection of any coaching staff must be approved by the Executive Council.

Section 5.  All coaches and volunteers must pass a background check annually.

Section 6.  There is no minimum or maximum number of cheer and/or football head coaches that can be a member of the Executive Council,

Section 7.  The head coaches, assistant coaches, on field volunteers and board members are required to be certified by Mid-Florida Pop Warner.

Section 8.  In the event that a coach should attend the certification that is provided by Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. at the regional level, this shall serve as the required class.

Section 9.  All football and cheerleading coaches must be in good standing with LYFA, Inc. and Mid-Florida Pop Warner to be accepted as a coach.

Section 10.  All football and cheerleading coaches, volunteers, and Executive Board Members must strive at all times to keep the best interest of all participants the highest priority in order to provide the highest level of excellence to LYFA, Inc., Mid Florida, and National Pop Warner organizations.

Section 11: The Head Coach will conduct himself/herself in a civil manner at all times, and shall be responsible for the behavior and conduct of his assistant coaches, players, and parents/guardians. Coaches may be suspended at any time if his/her behavior is deemed detrimental to the organization by the Executive Council.

Section 12:  Each Coach’s term expires at the end of the season.  Coaches must reapply each season.

Section 13:   Any coach who quits during the season must provide cause to the council in order to be eligible to coach the following season.


Section 1.  An amendment to the By-Laws may be introduced at any regular meeting or special meeting of LYFA, Inc..

Section 2.  The amendment shall be voted upon at the regular meeting, notice of which is required to state the proposed By-Law amendment as part of the agenda.

Section 3.  Approval of the amendment must be by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors members.


Section 1.  The most current edition of the National Pop Warner Official Rules and the National Pop Warner Administrative Manual shall be adopted as part of these by-laws.


Section 1.  Upon dissolution of the Lyman Youth Football Association, Inc. all outstanding indebtedness and taxes shall be paid and any outstanding funds in the treasury shall be donated to the Lyman High School Athletic Booster Club.


Section 1.  The Executive Council shall formulate a list of specific requirements financial and otherwise that qualifies a child for sponsorship of registration fees by Lyman Youth Football Association, Inc.

Section 2.   The parents/guardians of children considered for sponsorship shall fill out applications requesting the sponsorship and showing that they meet the requirements for sponsorship.

Section 3.   A 2/3 vote of the Executive Council shall be needed in order for any sponsorship to be granted. Parents/ guardians of sponsored children will be encouraged to work volunteer hours above and beyond typical active member involvement.  This time will be monitored and factor into subsequent sponsorship applications. If the Parent/Guardian does not serve a pre-determined amount of volunteer hours during the current sponsored season he/she will forfeit sponsor eligibility for one year.

Section 4:  Each request will be considered on an individual participant basis, not as siblings.

Section 5.  If a sponsorship recipient quits during the season, he/she will forfeit sponsor eligibility for one year.


Section 1.  The Head Coach assigned to each team shall provide a signed receipt for all Lyman organization equipment issued to his/her team by the Equipment Manager.

Section 2.  The Head Coach is responsible for collecting all league property issued to his/her team and for turning over the property to the Equipment Manager at the end of the season. The Head Coach who is unsuccessful in retrieving issued equipment will turn in the name of player, list of unreturned equipment, and a letter stating what attempts have been made to recover the equipment.

Section 3.  Any player who has not turned in all equipment from a previous season and all siblings will not be allowed to register until they return or pay the replacement cost for the equipment.