LYFA Lyman Youth Football

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Games & Practices FAQ

Question: How many games are there?

We are anticipating at least 9 games for each age level. There is one preseason game and then 8 regular season games. We are hopeful that we can get at least one post-season game in addition to the 9 scheduled games for each team. The first game will be Aug. 18. Typically there are four home games and four away games.

Question: Where are the practices and home games held and what are the expected date/times?

All practices and home games are typically held at Lyman High School. Pop Warner is a big commitment. Our practice will begin August 1st, with practices being held 4 days a week until August 10th and then we will switch to 3 days a week, M,T,TH (cheer) and 4 days a week, M, T, W, TH (football). Practices start  from 5:45-8:15 pm. After Labor Day they will go down to 5:45 to 8:00 pm.

The game times will vary from week to week, but most of the game days start with the youngest teams at 9 am with each game starting approximately 90 minutes after the prior game starts. 9am, 10 am, 11:00 am, 1pm, 3:00 pm, 5 pm is a typically game day starting with the youngest team (Tiny Mites). The practice schedule and game schedule may be found on our website after the season begins. The first day of practice for 2016 will be Monday August 1st.

Question: How many teams are there in Lyman  Youth Football League and does each team play at a different location on a given week?

There are six levels of teams each with a specific age and weight range for each team. All six of our teams play at the same location each week with the only exception being for post-season bowl or playoff games. Post-season games will vary by team in terms of date and location.

Question: Is transportation available to take my child to away games?

No – it is the parent’s responsibility to provide for or find transportation for the participant to all LYFA events including practices and games. Pop Warner rules do not allow any staff member including coaches, team moms, etc… to transport a participant.

Question: Are there any special requirements of the cheerleaders or parents of cheerleaders?

Yes. The two young cheer squads have a post-season exhibition event that is a week after the end of the regular season. The four older squads will have competitions, possibly going to Regionals which is held on Thanksgiving weekend and they could go as late as Nov/Dec timeframes and could require overnight travel and/or special fundraising efforts.

Question: Is my child guaranteed playing time for football games?

Yes, all football players will play a minimum of 8 or more plays per game depending on the size of the roster during game day. It is the goal of LYFA to play as many players as we can. However, as with any football program some kids will play more plays than other kids on the same team. Kids are encouraged to work hard during practice to earn playing time and starting positions.

Question: Where are the away games played?

We may not have a schedule provided to us until mid summer, but some of the games could be over an hour away.